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After being honest and powerful in Ignacio Lastra's relationship with Silvina Varas, Culture and shows


© Instagram Ignacio Lastra, honest and powerful confession after being related to Silvina Varas

Former reality said he thought several times that he would not make his life kiss again.

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A few days ago it was announced Former Reality Ignacio Lastra revived his relationship with Silvina Varas, The woman who entered before entering the program for more than two years.

When he left the accident, after burning 90% of the body, the young people began to think again and the fate came together again with his girlfriend.

However, Lastrak had another idea of ​​life after the accident, and so he confessed hard.

Depending on the model model that appears in a conversation LUN, He never thought hugging again and still less maintaining a loving relationship.

"I did not think I was going to be a pole, any more with Silvina, it was fun, at one point, I said my best friends, I would never have been a girlfriend, I would not see a beautiful girlfriend. I did not imagine kissing again"Ignacio said.


In response to the review, Lastra told her that Silvina called her that something happened to her, just a few days ago, and things were happening.

"We had a long time in Silvinak, I did not go back and I did not say anything." He said, but when they met "We talked about Silvina's life, about our own ills, it was very intense. It was very powerful when I took it faster, so there was not a very long meeting. I wanted to take it easy. "

They finally got in touch and regained their relationship. "We immediately asked that we were not dragging." I looked and said: "We have always been this, it is a spontaneous formula," he admitted to national publication.

Today Ignatius is preparing a new operation on his face to reduce his or her scars.


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