Tuesday , January 25 2022

After Google's manual malware, Google seems to be a sign


In the midst of Las Vegas's CES, Apple's announcement has sparked controversy over Google's alleged fraud. But it seems that their hands came back.

Apple's latest ads stand out as an apparent trolling ad advertisement as part of the technology fair CES 2019 Las Vegas.

Everything was created after an ad that shows an iPhone that says everything:

"What's going on in your iPhone for your iPhone," a clear mention of Las Vegas and its classic slogan.


Many have interpreted the poster as a straightforward Google toy, the existence of multiple gaps in the Play Store and various computer viruses and security breaches.

However, Apple seems to go through queues, on Monday, January 7, it was revealed App Store apps were damaged by malware.

The "rhythm" of launching this commercial is not very good at any time Apple shares fell by 10%, Value of US $ 142.19. And for the business day of the 2019 stock market, the company's $ 10 loss has already been lost.

Tim Cook himself told his staff a letter:

Foreign forces push us a bit, but we will not use any excuses. We will not wait for better things. These types of situations allow us to learn and act, focusing on our strengths and Apple's mission: providing our customers with the best products and providing a unique service level. We manage long-term Apple and have been stronger in difficult times.

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