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After moving Sussex: 6 rumors about the royal family on the Internet | TV and show

The prince was confirmed last weekend Harry and his wife Meghan Markle They will leave home from Nottingham Cottage, homes that were married at home in May, parts of Kensington Palace history, Prince William's official residence, Kate Middleton and the couple were three children.

"The Duchess and Duchess Sussex, who are preparing for the arrival of their first child, They want to move the Frogmore house to the Windsor castleAt the beginning of next year, "the palace said in a statement.

Frogmore house, XIX. A two-story, two-story building, is located in the Windsor Castle, 30 kilometers west of London, where the couples' wedding was held on May 19.

"Windsor is a very special place for Their Royal Highnesses, and they are very grateful that the official residence will be the farm", they added.

The news has been surprised and, of course, they have begun to send rumors for this reason. The battle between the enemies between Meghan and Kate has allowed hundreds of speculations in the media.

Check out some of them:

1. The hostility of Kate and Meghan

It was the first rumor that emerged after reporting the movement, and it is a matter of being discussed in English for several months.

The newspaper's British newspaper Cambridge's Duchess did not feel comfortable with Meghan's presence at the palace, "they are very different and not taken," a source told the newspaper.

The Duchess Sussex has also added a source "somewhat inflexible and Harry has become more dictators lately, that is, it's not easy at the palace."

2. The brothers fought

The rumors of the fighting between Kate and Meghan are still being covered, speculation that the reason for the movement would be a confrontation between the brothers, the tabloids grew stronger.

The first theory of Vanity Fair was echoed. "Kate and Meghan are very different and they are not very common, but they have made efforts," said one source. "If there is a problem, it is among the brothers"he added.

According to the publication, Harry and William "move in different directions," and Harry wants to start distinguishing between his brother and sister and his wife's responsibilities. "It does not want to be in the shade of William," another source certified.

3. Kate's weeping

The Sun Newspaper said that Kate was a time-consuming treatise in the North American marriage marriages women's habit book.

After about a month after birth of Prince Louis, Kate helped Charlotte Princess dress up in the suit she would wear during that day, but eventually wept.

According to the newspaper, Meghan's requests, which they wanted for the big day, would be excessive because Kate was still very emotional and after giving birth.

4. Prince Charles had to take part in the fight between brothers

Daily Mail asserted that the rivalry between Harry and William had appeared Duke Sussex's brother did not make enough effort to welcome Meghan.

According to an unknown source, Prince Charles attended this situation and advised William and Kate to spend their party at Norfolk.

In this way, the whole couple went with the nephew of Christmas Eve, and then all joined Queen and Queen Sandringham's family after the tradition.

5. Meghan fought for the queen to make a crown

A few more days ago, the rumor that Meghan had fought with Queen Elizabeth, he would wear on his wedding day.

The Telegraph newspaper claimed that scandals urged the sovereign to annoy him wearing an emerald tiara instead of the one who escaped from each other.

6. "What Meghan wants, Megan gets it"

At the Entertainment Entertainment Tonight a few other rumors were published, where Prince Harry told his staff that he would like his wife to get her.

A couple of months ago they visited an exhibition at the Palace of Buckingham Palace. There, the reporter Robert Jobson, a royal family specialist, witnessed how the duke said the staff in a high voice: "Meghan wants him, Meghan gets it."

It was a comment that his grandmother would talk with Harry "Put it in its place".

According to Telegraph, some of the workforce couples say that their relationship will last more than five years and that Markle's demands are low.

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