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Against Abuse Pedalei: The story of a young man against HIV against social stigma


"I gave it to someone who was dating and I did not care if the first thing that I had been diagnosed was because I had only lived ten years since the 80's was rumored at the beginning of the illness because I thought it was over." Joaquín Rodríguez, Born in San Francisco, is a province of Cordoba, 32 years old. In November of 2011, he said that his life was completely altered after opening an envelope Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection.

"In reality, I was very scared, but as time went by I got more information and found a totally different reality," he explained. Infobae.

After the initial diagnosis, Rodríguez He went to the world of the virus to understand what was going on in his life: "The first conversation told me what medication I should take, how I lived a bit with it and I met him. Marcos Marino, who is the president Rosas Foundation, and from that moment on, they have helped them cope with the part of the sociocultural context that is much worse than the same disease. "

"I am afraid of human and collective because there is no information or interest in the subject. refusal, Many people do not know what it means and what it means to live with the virus. I also found compassion, asking me, "do you die?"

today Seven years ago, the virus joins and is not a detective. "Living in an undetectable virus means that the treatment has been done and the viral load is so low that the blood tests can not be quantified, so that my condition makes another person almost impossible, so I am very happy about that."

Although the first years of Cordova, in 2012, a friend of his work told the idea of ​​buying a bicycle that started the Villa Carlos Pazi pedal. "I bought a bike and I found it more and more to my motivation," he said. Rodríguez.

In 2013, he participated in his first 82-kilometer bicycle race: "It was tough, it was not a good bicycle, but I knew the strength, what I needed to get my heart."

He was thus started as a hobby for friends, who later passed his story to help reach the different parts of the country "Pile up alive ". "My idea is to conduct a campaign with the Rosas Foundation to eliminate the prejudices against HIV and eliminate the discrimination of people living with the infection," Cordovan said, persisting gradually achieving more goals. difficult

Today, after six years of buying his first bicycle, Córdoba has set goals for promoting messages and people know their history a bit and therefore the virus. "The following year, 120 kilometers of race is the main challenge that I am preparing for the great summits".

And it has a message for those who have received their diagnosis: "I was there, they fear they are angry, I would like to ask you not to lock themselves, to seek help, if something is cured of love. The only thing that stigma breaks down is to understand normal people. because they see each other as a couple, we need to take tablets every day, use condoms like others, sleep well, do the activity, do not change anything, we all have to offer ourselves the best way of life. "

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