Thursday , August 11 2022

Airbus' controversial algorithms charge family seats together


Sadness and misfortune Identify the family bond and apply additional charges when selecting seats.

Margot James, the Digital Industry of England and the Creative Industry Minister, has made an unfortunate announcement that airlines would charge more families for their flights.

It seems plausible that airlines will benefit from a family traveling and when applying extra costs, if seats are not detected. In that case, they do not pay, they are located in remote seats.

The Minister described the algorithm as a code to "deceive the general public". UK Independence Report was cited:

Several airlines have set up an algorithm to identify the latest passengers traveling together. They have the minds of dividing passengers and they will be charged when they want to travel with their family.

The travelers began to point out that they were distributed to relatives in June 2017 that they did not pay more seats, although conflicts were recognized this year. Ryanair is among the eyebrows of the authorities, although they have refused.

In 4,296 people's polls, the separation was more common with Ryanair: 35% of the respondents disbanded and decided to pay no more money.

According to the media, the Data Ethics and Innovation Center will analyze this week's publication of the Government, which identifies how to use customer data and identify and correct areas that are more clear in regulations. .

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