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Airline companies use an algorithm to separate and load families in the cabin: this is how it works. | technology

UK low-cost airlines are alleged to be governments Use of an algorithm to distinguish between people traveling together in the cabin. Goal? Load more if you want to sit down.

According to Yahoo's news website, the minister of the digital sector in England, Margot James stated that this system "would be a cynical and exploitative means, would mislead the public."

The Authority gave a report that shows that "airlines use some software Identify travelers with the same name and with whom they travel. "

When James added that these companies had detected these passengers, they demanded that they be separated from one of the seats, and they continue to carry a surcharge of the card and boarding rate.

12019 | Pixabay (CCO)
12019 | Pixabay (CCO)

After a group of government research, with more than thousands of travelers, they complained that relatives were separated from paying more seats.

Chata, according to technology support, is one of the largest companies "They are magnifying glasses" is Ryanair, It is the capital of Ireland and it would be Europe's first low cost.

The previous media added a survey conducted by the Anglo government on 4,000 people traveling last year. Ryanair was the first airline to recognize 35% passengers, 22% with Emirates and third to 18% in Virgin Atlantic.

Other analyzes showed that if 50% of users had previously reported that they wanted to travel together, they had to pay an additional cost, with 10% of them never being consulted.

Public domain | Pixabay (CCO)
Public domain | Pixabay (CCO)

In a statement published by The Telegraph, Ryanair stated the operation of the algorithm It does not have any relationship with the family relationship, but the seats request.

"When the customer does not pay a seat, they will be randomly assigned. The algorithm changes according to each flight and route, depending on the demand of reserved seats"

On the other hand, the company has determined that it offers facilities for people traveling with minors or young people.

"Urgent adults are forced to take the child together with them pay 4 euros (3,000 Chilean pesos) as extraordinary and seats between 18 and 30 lines are reserved. If there is a big demand to choose another seat, "they concluded.

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