Monday , May 29 2023

Alan Gonzalez accused of the mistake of Pasapalabra and CHV will change


Production was communicated with the competitor.

The new controversy was installed Pasapalabra, since there was a mistake of "Rosco", Alan Gonzalez was damaged.

He had 20 correct answers from the singer while his opponent arrived while Claudia Contreras 21. Until then, everything was normal, but problems were later created in social networks, where Gonzalez made his denials.

"People from Pasapalabra have never thought about the specific aspects of the program, but in this past it is healthy to clarify (…) Yes Claudia, the word" Federacionismo ", is a mistake yesterday and the score must be scored 20 goals and 3 errors. "he said.

Afterwards, the program team communicated with the injured what was resolved. "Talking about production, we all missed the mistake, and that will change. Of course, we keep discretion and we'll tell you when it's reached."

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