Wednesday , May 18 2022

Alarcón's former head of the lawsuit was very active in the Araucania Regional Prosecutor's Office


For the third time, in order to find out about the addictions of the Regional Public Prosecutor Araucanía, Carlos Alarcón, a member of the GABA Sergeant Carabineros, participated in the death of Camilo Catrillanca.

Alarcón said he had spent two hours in the Prosecutor's Office, Cristián Paredes and Roberto Garrido, exclusively in human rights and before the human rights prosecutor, after recording a video he was recorded inside a police station where he had to deliver false and "false statements" had..

By taking testimony with the prosecutor, who would be accused of giving false facts to determine who is.

Alarcón's recording created a huge proportion of storms, including the urgent call La Moneda for Carabineros in Chile, led by General Director Hermes Soto.

Among the social networks and the reporter of the palace, he flew more than the ghost of destruction, including resignation, but with these species they refused to take up the position.

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