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Alberto Kassis evaluates his future for Copessen: "I see it"


Businessman, low profile, acknowledges that the media business is not good. Currently, his fries have been in the company for more than 50 years, leading brands like Cial, San Jorge and La Preferida. It has 16% of the media companies that accept La Tercera. The conglomerates have made significant adjustments to improve performance and Kassis excludes.

Sometimes there are some people who are in the press and publicly gathered with the authorities. This, despite the proximity of some political strongholds. Alberto Kassis Sabag, Minister of Finance Felipe Larraín, was a negotiator at a factory that was sautéed at Pudahuel Avenue, where he turned his back on toast. "This is President Piñera's job as the Government wants," the Secretary of State praised.

Kassis shows his factory, which he founded for more than 50 years. "Here, those 50 years old, they are already two workers, we give them a Mazda," he says happy. Labor reform, even if it is not allowed by the company, does not touch too much. He has negotiated two business group companies. All factories call "Don" Alberto. It does not call the factory, but rather the family business. Both daughters and their wives participate in the company's board of directors. Therefore, joining the Association or joining La Preferida and the matrix of the San Jorge matrix is ​​not in its plans.

Vests, including salami sandwicha, showcases Kassis his tradition: Arabic sweets are good for guests. He says goodbye to the minister and talks to a couple of journalists who confess him. The rest of the press does not pay much attention, although it is very important in the business world.

The businessman was baptized by ten people, and at the end of the 80s Arabs who surprised the market bought the Osorno bank. It was part of that group, businessman Álvaro Saieh, his partner until now holding company Half cup Saieh will begin to recognize his life as a banker.

Kassis was baptized at the press conference as the closest businessman to Michelle Bachelet in Pinochet. In fact, former Southern Houses had former presidents. Likewise, the two former ministers of the dictatorship, called "military government", are part of the board of directors of its company: Carlos Cáceres and Hernán Büchi.

The businessman is also a member of the Pinochet Foundation Committee, as a consultant. However, it has always been considered its cordiality and transversality, so many first presidents gathered beyond the holiday context, the dinner and meeting of the Palestinian embassy.

CIAL's projects, including winter, are investing $ 20 million in modern factory in 2019. In that complex it has already invested more than $ 100 million. He is his main business, but he also has an oil of oil with his business friend, José Saida (controlled by the Arauco park), cranberries and horse-drawn horses, and, of course, the Arabs.

"I am feeling well (in Government) and I believe that there is confidence, this Government is in a state of tranquility, and I hope that we will continue to grow and grow in the country, we are growing in the country, the consumption is greater in every way. It helps us as a food and food business", say yours Against the market.

San Benito and Sinergia Real Estate Agencies, the Lancay Farm and the Alka Agricultural Sector, own 16.6% of the current consortium. Third and it has been a long time since it was rumored to get rid of the package.

Coop mine

The media are still a tough time and a storm and, among the closures and closures, Copas is one of the boats that is creating a new critique. Jorge Andrés Saieh directs the progress of today's conglomerate, which has taken decisions, which have been lost after one after another.

Paper Release Closure What's happening? and PaulaTotal renovation Fourth, and adjustments pulse and HourThey have been part of these decisions. The former vice-chancellor of the University of Adolfo Ibáñez, Andrés Benitez and Carolina Schmidt, from the time he left the ship to go to the Government, ordered a health improvement that has not yet been reached.

The latest news was the departure of the management Third Juan Pablo Larraín. José Luis Santa María was not confirmed in the office that replaced the office. The reason for some reasons would be the requirements that Kassis made in Copide. He has never participated too much, but he has a strong decision: he does not want Copesa to have a sack-free sack.

His assessments were made through the representative of the lawyer Luis Gutiérrez. The capital magazine said that the advent of Santa Maria has been postponed, because its capabilities are not questioned, but that "due to their differences, since 2014, two conglomerate members have dragged: one year since then, Alberto Kassis tried to succeed. 16.6% In order to be part of it, Álvaro Saieh, with 83.3% of the media, did not reach an agreement on prices and said that the owner of Cial Alimentaria would have the power in power. Third and top managers ".

And this possibility of getting out today is valid. Kassis does not want to distort and refer to the days of the famous celebrations, because he did not want to make any comments about the Copca. "I'm in a situation I'm doing … Medium is not an easy business," said El Mostrador Mercados, who was doing business.

Reduction of costs would be essential for the order of the shipowners. Despite the fact that the media have made adjustments to the workforce, the industry indicates that there is a new tightening round in the implementation of the digital project. Digitized was also evaluated Third From Monday to Thursday, but the opportunity would be discarded at this time.

In other times of crisis, Kassis also wanted to sell its stake. Thus, in August 2014, the entrepreneur intended to sell his shares. "Kassis would estimate the percentage of $ 17 million, Copesa at $ 120 million dollars," he said. The price would be the top stone for the entrepreneur's exit. Copesa's value is now a mystery. While it has an infinite brand, it has no significant asset. A couple of years ago he sold an important part of his land in real estate development (from the former residence in Ñuble Street) and dismissed the extravagant crowns along with his radio stations. From Carolina to Mega sales, it would be about $ 10 million.

With a lost historical year, it's definitely the true value of the company. This, even though the two colonies, the emerging groups, expressed their intention to buy shares. The businessman also holds a stake in digital communication Liberate.

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