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Alcoholism is killing eleven people in the world: WHO

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), alcohol consumption is dying at a global level for 1 person, 20 people.

Alcohol abuse is a causal factor over 200 illnesses and disorders; Alcohol consumption can lead to disability and death in the elderly.

Between 20 and 39, at least 25% of deaths are alcohol consumption.

Alcohol: curiosity to test for the first time
In this regard, the Ministry of Health (SSA) said that alcohol consumption has increased among Mexican youth and one of the main causes of alcohol consumption is curiosity.

Alcoholic beverages are described as psychoactive substances that may constitute dependence, along with other factors that start drinking alcohol among young people between 12 and 24 years of age, to test this type of drinking for the first time:

1. Honor (29.4%)

2. Friends invitation (13.5%)

3. Experimentation (12.4%)

4. Family problems (10%)

5. Impact of the friends (9.4%)

6. Group approval (4.1%)

7. Invitation to the family (2.9%)

8. Depression (2.4%).

Thus, in Latin America, the largest consumer of alcoholic beverages in Chile is 9.6 liters per capita.

Mexico occupies a tenth, consuming 7.2 liters per capita.

How much is "a lot"? In order to determine the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, the WHO reveals 40 grams of more than 60 grams and men who are endangered by over 40-year-old children.

In the end, WHO warns that the excess quantity of this type of drink is experienced every year by 3 million people, especially men.

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