Saturday , January 29 2022

Alexis contest? In England, they put Coutinho in the orbit of Manchester United


Today, in the European football transfer season, Continental Clubs pay special attention to each of their opponents' movements in their book. This is the Barcelona player and Arturo Vidal, Philippe Coutinho. The Brazilian defender has not been in a good position, but he has not added any minutes he has hoped for in the last matches and has refused to replace the substitute.

After breaking the femoral biceps in the left leg, he stopped cough for three weeks, Coutinho Missing land in Barcelona The Frenchman, Ousmane Dembélé, was in front of him, and from the start he persuaded Ernesto Valverde to get a good performance and speed. That's why the Brazilian did not adjust to the internal position represented by Andres Iniest, as the former Liverpool did not migrate to a European and European crazy idea to leave FC Barcelona.

In Brazil, the most expensive signature in Barcelona, ​​it was the centerpiece of the English news. There he speculated. Manchester United I would start the talks to sign in the winter market in winter. This indicates the log Manchester Evening News, who stated it "The Red Devils would be very interesting in order to be aware of the cash challenge faced by Coutinho in order to improve team performance".

In addition, the media added "Conversations have been opened" and in Old Trafford, their inclusion would be welcomed. The star of Barcelona, ​​Alexis Sánchez, would pay 111 million euros, which would be 111 million euros (a number that could have asked Barcelona to drop Cantoño at least), less than the club that took the club to Liverpool. A year ago, specifically, the European currency was 160 million euros.

According to British media, there are more interested players in Barcelona, ​​such as Chelsea and Manchester City, and Paris Saint-Germain, but Red Devils will have Coutinho. Today it is very difficult for the Brazilian to leave Barça to Only one year after his release, but if he does not play in the final matches in these days, he can create an unpleasant player and seek regularity in another club.

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