Wednesday , October 27 2021

Alexis Sánchez received a fun birthday in his one-year-old birthday


On December 19, Chile's national team, Alexis Sánchez, was it He celebrated his birthday and his birthday.

Tocopillano received greetings from various sports centers, FIFA and fans.

Through her Instagram accountHe shared one The video of the special celebration with his family, singing and traditional songs.

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Then, an emotional reflection was published for the sake of the messages sent for the anniversary.

"Do not let the day end, without growing a bit, without being happy. Do not let your life want to do something extra. Do not stop believing that words and poems can change the world. Whatever happens, our essence is intact. We are full of passionate creatures"He began to say it.

Then he added: "Life is wild and oasis. It strikes us, hurt, taught us, becomes the star of our history. Although the wind is blowing, it continues to work hard: you can help a bertso. WE DO NOT HESITATE, because men and women of dreams are free".

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