Wednesday , September 28 2022

Alfonso Parot has a Rosario Central title in Argentina sport


Alfonso Parot It is on the other side of the mountain range. Argentina's Rosario Central won the Argentinian Cup title on ThursdayAfter defeating Gymnastics and Esgrima de la Plata, 1-1.

National defense was a key part of the development of the party, as well as the beginning, apart from having a good jobHe won a penalty that gave his team a championship.

He opened the Rosario account Fernando Zampedri 19 & # 39; while the opponent's equity happened Lorenzo Faravellí In comparison to 52

In the 12th definition, the former Catholic University Law was much more precise He was 4-1.

With this title, the Rosario leader guaranteed his classification Copa Libertadores 2019.

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