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Alien: Blackout would be a new franchise franchise and could be announced this day 20th Century FOX | Hideo Kojima | xenomorphs | Game Awards 2018 | consoles | photos | Video games


It seems that franchise Alien because it will have a new name for consoles and computers 20th Century Fox registered trademark Alien: Blackout video games or related software. This would confirm everything that he speculated at the beginning of the year and the date it will announce the game.

FoxNext Games, video game distribution 20th Century Foxwould be responsible for taking it Alien: Blackout and not just consoles, what would look like in the coming days and what this new name offers. xenomorphs After 4 years

The developers have already chosen the date and place where the content will be displayed Alien: Blackout, The 2018 The Game Award contributors and viewers will first be able to see the franchise's new video game. Awards and announcements will be on December 6th.

On Twitter, there were two accounts created with the new video game @ AlienBlackout and @Alien Blackout, created in September. On the other hand, Geoff Keighley, host Game awards 2018, he sent a strange message that he recited: Worlds Will Change, whose fans and fanatics will create an illusion using the typography of Weylan Yutani Corporation. Alien.

Geoff's Tuit

This would not be the only reference for the Twitter game, because Hideo KojimaThe epic title Metal Creator can be finished Alien: Blackout, when he uploaded some pictures in his official account, the game will see a graphic piece about an egg xenomorph and a hug, and not just that, a new title called Kojima, called Death Stranding, that could be presented on E3 last 2018. In the same Kojima tweet, The 2018 game account was answered. is the following:

Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima

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