Tuesday , May 18 2021

Allowed? Maura Rivera published a postcard to socialize Daniela Castillo to see her former wife

A few months ago, Daniela Castillo ended with a business engineer, Luca Monacci, when he married in 2015.

As a result, he had a relationship with Toarii Valantin while working as a coach Red, the young singer program seeks talent for his student.

However, the relationship did not move forward and soon announced that they were not together.

Also, on the YouTube webpage Light night The performer said: "I am only now, but I am well. I am not sad, I am calm. I must go through an introspective process. I have always been with a partner. I only have to pass. I prefer it to be completely supported."

In addition, Tahiti is very young and is another stage. "It is small, it goes through another stage, I am another. I have a distribution, I have come from other lads, for the most serious."

But nowadays, the sentimental state of the singer returns to speak, after his friends Maura Rivera
A record of Daniela Monacci with his Instagram account.

In the postcard, there are also Maura, Mark Gonzalez and Isabel Sobarzo, with their son, sharing lunch, and his image Castillo would appear on his shoulders, to stimulate speculation as soon as possible.

Maura Rivera | Instagram

Maura Rivera | Instagram

Do they re-establish their relationship after a few months?

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