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Sunday, December 02, 2018


At the end of the champion, before the downfall of Temuco, the Catholic University faced a strange incident at the bottom of the German Becker, when the captain of the "crusaders" of Cristián Álvarez struggled with the same president Marcelo Barcelona as Salas.

Last Sunday, December 2, after finishing the final match of the 2018 Championship before the fall of the Temuco Sports Decade, there was a sudden change in the altar of the Germán Becker stadium, when Captain Cristián won. Álvarez and the local team, Marcelo Salas, both had their Chilean national team.

Everything happened, thanks to the security of the neighborhood of Araucanía, the "Huaso" family took part in the field to take part in the celebration of the champion's team, where he tried to participate in "Matador" and was the last to retire. footballer

The tension was euphoric when he was in favor of UC, against Salas' sadness, because he saw his team return to the First Tour.

After the attack he was afraid that Alvarez was arrested for violating the rules of the Safe Stadium program, but also the two protagonists opposed the altar.

"It was just one side, as I said, and Marcelo asks me to apologize, we warmed it a bit, but nothing happens. There's not much color," he said before leaving the "Huaso" pitch.

As a response, Marcelo Salas confirmed the ceremony, but the importance was reduced and he understood two reflections: "We made a meeting, we warmed up two."

Meanwhile, the coach of Beñat San José UC was also discussed at the press conference and respected the Temuco Sports Center: "I did not see anything, I do not know anything. Sometimes football has a lot of tension but, in Temuco, it is not our house and we must respect them we have ".

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