Tuesday , May 18 2021

Always beautiful: Tonka Tomicic stole TV and shows stolen the second night of Las Condes Festival

It's known in the world of television that Tonka Tomicic is one of the best communicators dressed up and every time they go to events, people will see their image and, of course, do not cheat on.

Today, Francisco Saavedra encourages the Festival of Las Condes, thanks to her outfit. On the first night he wore a stylish black dress, thanks to the transparency of the designer Stella McCartney, who could not be exceptionally pleased with the second night.

When the step came, the cheerleader stole his gaze green design and a noticeable collar on the back and opening of the skirt, although it gives you a great deal of movement.

Unlike in the first day of her hairstyle, she chose a candidate bun picked up put on the gold necklace included in the design subtle makeup to contrast the striking color of the outfit.

channel 13

channel 13

The audience reacted immediately, fascinated with their presence, choosing the second night of the festival. Now, on the last day, we'll be amazed at what will surprise us.

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