Saturday , January 23 2021

Amazing message from Alexis Sánchez's help from Pizzi

Juan Antonio Pizzi directed Alexis Sánchez for the 2018 Russian Cup, Copa América Centenario and Confederations CupTherefore, it is an authorized voice, the moment of "Wonder" and how it is going to be recovered.

Saudi Arabia's current coach, Daily Mail, commented on the quality of Sánchez: "He has served since the same season since arriving in Europe. First of all, he needs to recover his injury, physically return and then believe in his quality again. "

Alexis from Argentina analyzed the first year of Red Devils: "He could not be able to complete the question he could not complete, and if you add injuries, then you will have more doubts. "

In the current club situation and Sánchez himself: "The United results in recent weeks will help us regain confidence and from now on he will demand the level of performance he achieves for everyone. Good players always return to their level ".

"I am confident that Alexis has the quality in any of the world's groupsOr, sooner or later, he will become an important Manchester United player and will show Manchester United's most important player, "said Pizzie.

On the other hand, he recalled the time he directed La Roja: "We believe (in the selection) that he needed a certain amount of freedom to really use his speed and dexterity. We had capitalized on the ability of the rivals to come by surprise over the back. "

"But players that offer something of defense in all our formations must always be and always have to do it. He has always worked hard and was able to cover areas he wanted to defend. It was very easy to correct this aspect, because it is very professional"Macanudo" is over.

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