Tuesday , March 21 2023

Amazon has available 50 million products in Chile. Is it really convenient?


The catalog is great and can be purchased in Chile, but you need to consider some factors.

Amazon has made available to Chile a catalog that includes 50 million products. You can send it directly to Chile. That is, Black Friday in the area of ​​well-known.

To get started, go to the Amazon search engine and set the address to your preferences. You can download the Amazon App Store from the Google App Store or Google Play store by choosing "International purchases" during the account configuration process.

As mentioned in the statement, those who purchase mobile devices will be able to pay more than 60 currencies, including Chile's pesos. Throughout the purchase, the consumer will clearly see the cost of the price with the customs import tariffs and may choose different options and delivery speeds depending on what they want to receive their products.

The second is important, given the high value of the delivery, depending on where you live and purchased. For example, on Black Friday, we find this easy search in technological products:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Unlocked 6GB Black

Price: US $ 519.99 + shipping US $ 147.61

See here

Motorcycle safety (tracking and GPS tracker)
Price: US $ 30.99 + $ 27.88 shipping

See here

Chromebook Flip C302CA-DHM4
Price US $ 499.00 + US $ 157.75 shipping.

See here

Suppose these offers are Black Friday and could be different in the coming days. As a matter of fact, the shipping cost may be great, but the discount is also important. This is the company's shipping costs and taxes on the import taxes in Chile:

The tariff and import taxes are calculated based on the market price of the product (current price, not counting promotions) and the price obtained after Amazon promotion. Thus, the destination country or regional customs authority allows the amount of taxes and taxes that are considered to be the current value of goods.

We will not charge additional charges, if the final import exceeds the calculated deposit.

Likewise, of course, we can not even buy products that are not in Chile (like this) before checking out. The recommendation is always to make appropriate comparisons to different suppliers, both foreign and local. Remember how long your product arrives

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