Monday , October 18 2021

An inoperable brain tumor in a girl inexplicably disappears without trace


In the United States, the girl who had suffered from the inoperable brain tumor was not healed in any way, leaving the doctor treated dumbfounded.

On June 11, Roxli Doss was diagnosed Intrinsic diffused gynoplasin Pontine (GPID) is a type of cancer that occurs in children's brainstem.

GPID "is very rare, but when presented a destructive disease"said Dr. Virginia Harrod, the Dell's Children's Medical Center in Texas, who treats Roxli. It causes nerve skulls, and the most common symptoms are loss of vision, visual and visual problems, difficulty, swallowing and breathing.

Harrod also stated that the girl had spent several weeks of radiation to control tumor development, but that This disease has no cure.

Roxli's parents assure the girl to study in several specialized centers in the country and that all the diagnosis was GPID.

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