Wednesday , January 26 2022

Analyze the benefits of sugar sweeteners. Health – Life


There is no conventional proof of the protection of healthy sweetener sugars, and no serious damage can be ruled out, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal.

Concerns about health and quality of life have encouraged more and more people to take a more healthy lifestyle and avoid high-quality sugars, salts or fat. Therefore, Foods and drinks have become more and more common foods and drinks instead of ordinary sugars instead of ordinary sugars.

Although they are widely used in sugar sweeteners, they are less likely to be known as beneficial and harmful consumers, as evidence has been said to be "often limited and conflicting".

To better understand this, a European research team from Hungary, Germany or France, 56 has undergone 56 studies under the direction of the World Health Organization (WHO), which has no intake of sugar-free intakes or intake in any form of ingestion with adults and healthy children. They measured weight, controlled blood glucose, oral health, cancer, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, humor and behavior. Studies were evaluated in evidence for rounding and certainty.

In general, for most results There is no stable and clinical difference between people with no sugar edulis and non-edible ones. or between different doses of sugar sweeteners.

For example, the results of adult small studies suggest slight improvements in body indices and high levels of blood glucose levels with sugary sweeteners, but the certainty of this evidence was low. Smaller intakes of sugar sweeteners were slightly lower (-0.09 kg), but the certainty of this new evidence was low.

For children, the body's mass index was improved compared to sugars compared to sugary sugar, but sugar-sweeteners did not compare with weight. In addition, there was insufficient evidence of insulin sugar insoluble in overweight or obese adults or children who lose weight actively.

The International Food Association, which includes a large part of this industry, has reacted to research, highlighting the relationship between sweeteners and weight loss or tooth hygiene, according to a statement. He also asks the revisions under WHO to exclude some studies on fresh and young beverages, which means that weight loss and long-term survival among young people who drink sugar drinks among young people who have published "El País" in the long term. & # 39;


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