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Andrea Molina presents her daughter for the first time on television

Andrea Molina presented Mega's "Mucho Gusto" at the presentation of Matinal when she talked about her daughter, the eldest daughter and the relationship between younger daughters. Laura is 12 years old and has a similarity to her mother. Molina must be compatible with the child and Noelia, since he has lived with his father.

Former cheerleader "My eldest daughter, who took decisions, realized that a lot of my life had to do with my work, very obsessive, very responsible, very professional, very methodical."

He also added "Being a member of the Republic for me was a matter, when I traveled for eight days, I did not get there early, Laura had almost slept and that would be, we could see other times in the morning, what happened to my eldest daughter."

In this context, he analyzed the situation he had experienced in this situation, who offered and expressed his work too "It is a social issue, we are very much in society, the responsibility of our parents is always ours and that has to change, there must be a responsible liability, parents must also go with their children, talk with them and take their daughters" .

Laura said she had not seen her mother and said "When he arrived, he was tired, then he saw himself proud or".

However, the ex-parliamentarian has said that the situation has changed and that youngest daughters spend more time. He finally said "We sit down, we talk, eat it as it does to mud, and it's its world, I'll get to that world, sit next to it and talk to me, show me its clothes, change clothes and patterns."

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