Tuesday , June 15 2021

"Angel does not feel right": Pampliega gives his face to journalist Ángel Sastre

Co-workers by profession Angel Sastre Last weekend he made his debated connection. In it, reviewing the suspicion of the River and Boca Monument, Cuatro was amazed.

Since then, the video of this connection has been viral and Sastre, a well-known professional in conflict areas, placed him in an uncomfortable situation.

Many audiences recalled that Buenos Aires correspondents understood that they had little frivolity and little professionalism.

However, those who know Sastre have gone to their defense and have done much to recapture, and it would be unfair in their career, definitely a stain that will help them in their career.

The most mobile thread, for its proximity, that is Antonio Pampliega. And they both know what is really to fulfill the duty of the game. – The surprising stories of Antonio Pampliega about 299 days of captivity in the hands of Al Kaedá –

Pampliega does not question and guarantee: "I reflect myself on my partner. After hesitation, I was quickened and lost to control my life. The rest of my life I've done hundreds of things I regret ".

The reporter damages hundreds of people on the way to Sastre: "It's easy to twist and sink. It's easy to keep that image, Angel is not well, it's obvious, but we have not been cowardly and we have not dared to deal face-to-face."

Sastre was kidnapped for several months when they mentioned Syria Pampliega and José Manuel López.

According to the sources of the court and government, the Spanish Government made a discreet negotiation from Turkey and Qatar, although they did not overcome the details of the exchange.

The solidarity and workmanship of the professions were very good in social networks and continues:

Ángel Sastre is a journalist based in Buenos Aires It works for many media La Razón, like Onda Cero and Cuatro.

He received Larra in 2010 and has traveled throughout Latin America for nine years.

He has also covered coverage in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

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