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Aníbal Mosa's unknown history: poverty, family problems and constant reinstatement. | football

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Solution Anibal Meuse In the world of Colo Colon, nobody has been unnoticed in national football since 2010. The management generates different opinions, but it always corresponds to sports, politics or economic agenda.

However, the story of his life is not one of Colo Colo's most famous shareholder who condemns one or the other.

du Black and White Former President S.A. He was six years old from Syria According to his family, his uncle and father's decision, which brought money to travel to Chile. Meuse remembers his life in the Middle Ages

"We are glad, although I never said the gaps, I was happy. The house was on the floor, but the roof also slept. There was a lot to live in the streets, "said the leader in the interview with Mercadio Sábado.

When they settled in Chile, Hannibal's brothers were enrolled in the Frutillar Alto 10 school, the former "side" president did not have to study at age 13, because he wanted to work with his father.

"When I told him, he walked around and took me broach." Ya, Start! "He said. I asked him what he did with the broom." Get out of the store, the street, the house, and when it's done, come back! " So I left it sweeping, "he remembers. He never returned to school.

Then, in 1984, when her mother died in an automobile accident in Miami, her father went to vacation for the first time. "Someone goes after it. My mother was dismembered at this time"Narrates Aníbal Mosa.

Two years later, his father also died in a car accident. Blanco y Negro's director says that his family lived in difficult times.

"We had to be empathetic, see doctors, therapists, injections … it was terrible. Imagine that when our dad dies, we still do not assimilate that his mother died," she says.

From there on, Anibal Meuse Remember that family life was broken. On the other hand, the trader introduced several businesses, such as hake or madman fever, till today. He has been involved in several areas, such as Blanco y Negro SA since 2014. the main shareholders of the organization.

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