Wednesday , October 20 2021

Annually awards 70 million dollars to the challenge without a smartphone


Can not imagine the device for a year without using it? It meets a difficult challenge, especially as a result of constantly connected needs.

That's why the brand of energy drinks, Vitaminwater, may be a challenge for some.

About this Do not use the device for one year, this is, you will not be able to chat on WhatsApp, or review your Facebook status, or share a photo on Instagram. To achieve this challenge $ 100 thousand prize, about 70 million pesos.

How to participate? Those interested will show a message to make every use of them without using a smartphone and should add hashtags #NoPhoneForAYear and #Contest.

It's time to apply January 8, 2019 The selected ones will be announced in the coming weeks.

Those who have been selected send only text messages or send them to the Internet through a computer. In addition, the challenge rules must be met and it is not excluded that the mark meets the lie detectors in the process.

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