Monday , August 2 2021

"Ante Temuco is the last game and the real end is"

The coach of the Catholic University of Beñat, San José, thanked the player that won the O & # 39; Higgins 1-0 win at San Carlos de Apoquindo, when the crossovers opened their doors to the number of stars.

The reign of the reign has been carried out and the early raffle of the Chilean University against Iquique has been promoted as a result of the blue race of the title.

At the end of the day, something that means that the University of Concepción, who won 2-0 in San Luis, in the Biobío region, and the definition that coincides with UC, was defeated by Colo Colo on the last day, Beñat San Jose Monumentals and Groundhog Athletes descend to the south of Temuco they are.

Considering the situation, San Jose declared that "before the Temuco game is the final and it is a real end …, we must now be modest and with the mandatory intent with the desired shield".

With regard to the one who crossed the Rancagüinos, Spanish strategist of origin said: "I think they were the winning parties. It was essential to be able to face these three points. The player makes an extraordinary campaign."

"The heat was reduced by both teams," he said. Higgins's achievement should be recognized. We have achieved a key and transcendental victory for the title, "he added.

Marco Antonio Figueroa, scientists who do not have the bases of the DT of UC this week, "I do not know what he said, I always say goodbye to colleagues, I do not mean".

Finally, the San Sebastián party mentioned the retirement captain of "eternal" Captain Cristián Álvarez. "Cristián decided to end his career at the end of the season, and so he could play with San Carlos," he said.

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