Tuesday , January 18 2022

Antonella Ríos has demonstrated the physical evolution he has had with his body "uncomfortable" Social networks


A few years ago, Antonella Ríos clearly said social networking in social networks. After completing strict dietary plans and exercise routines, the actress has had a simple result and reveals her obvious physical change.

That is why Antonella shared this decision with her Instagram account since the start of this new process since the start of 2016 when her youngest son was born.

"Change three moments: I was asked what I lost weight, how many pounds did I get? I have only one answer for all questions. Are you comfortable with your body? If there is any doubt, everything is perfect, I was not"He left behind Antonella.

As the actor stated, at that time he felt a heavy body, his knees had weight and he did not sleep.



"I was uneasy at that time, but I did not want to do anything, I complained that it was more crude. When I began to complain and actually" do ", I started looking for results"Rios added, he consulted with nutrition and personal trainers.

From now on, he left carbohydrates, flours, beverages, sweets and alcohol. The routine and weights began to spinning, and the results were influenced. In three years, Antonella lost weight and began to shape her figure, but, more importantly, she made a complete change of life.

"I always advised myself not to be a specialist, but I only changed my disgrace and conviction so I could make the transformation path forward"Antonella Ríos closed and explained the process of change shown in the photo.

"In the first photo months after my son (postpartum and breastfeeding), the second one I lost a bit of weight and the third one now, where I understood that exercise is essential." he concluded.

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