Sunday , May 16 2021

Antônio Carlos Santos strongly criticized the arrival of Nicolás Castillo to the Americas in sports

The Eagles historical player does not want Nico. Brazilian exile Antônio Carlos Santos His criticism against the Chilean striker made it hard, with the possibility of reaching Club América de México.

Former American defender of the Americanist team in both cycles (1987-1992 and 1993-1994). He won four Aztec tournaments and four international championshipsIncluding the Inter-American Cup including the Paraguay Olympics.

Certified by Carlos Santos ESPN "I am in the recruitment of Nico, because you are selling a player (Diego Lainez), the young man leaves the quarry and a player will take you. he has not won anythingBenfica had a serious problem. "

reports record The former player said "he has played a bit, he has no target, many injured You have a mental problem (…) I can not say that he is a bad player, but if you talk about winning football, he tells the story of Nico. "

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