Tuesday , January 18 2022

Anxiety and depression, two of the main enemies of asthma control



In this study, 180 Spanish lungologists and allergists were coordinated by the Madrid Autonomous University (UAM), the Madrid Jiménez Díaz Foundation and the Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona. They cause anxiety and depression to control asthma.

To complete the work, experts analyzed 3,182 asthma patients for the first time in pneumology or allergology experts. It confirms the diagnosis of the invention and measures the level of control with different standard inventors, as well as anxiety and depression levels. He subsequently decided to specialize in treatment and the patients were evaluated in the third quarter after the first consultation.

Thus, the work carried out by "Mundipharma Spain," according to the journal "The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology" and Sinc, showed that the first question was to diagnose 24% of patients with anxiety and 12% of depression.

"Figures for anxiety in people with asthma are higher than the Spanish population (9%), but depression images are similar," explained the first faculty and research faculty at the Faculty of Medicine. UAM, Joaquín Sastre.

After six months, the researchers significantly improved their anxiety and depression. Also, they have shown an important improvement in pulmonary function and asthma control.

"This improvement of monitoring is an innovative study, as other studies have shown that asthma patients have had more anxieties than in the general population." Patients who did not improve anxiety or depression during the study had excessive asthma. and they used more health resources, "said Sastrek.

In this way, after a statistical analysis, the researchers concluded that anxiety and depression are independent from other asthma-independent factors. In fact, anxiety was four times higher in asthma control compared to depression.

For this reason, the researchers have stressed that depression and, above all, all asthma patients undergoing anxiety, and they have recalled that asthma is a good treatment for most patients to improve their mood disorders. "Its effects are also better controlled by asthma symptoms, the improvement of pulmonary function and the reduction of the use of health resources."

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