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Apple Lost Her Magic?


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ago almost 12 years ago, Steve Jobs took MacWorld's stage and introduced iPhone, "revolutionary and magical product". It would prove its unprecedented success point.

IPhonea The 2008 financial crisis and the long list of alternatives and duplications of mobile phones survived. finally catapulting to become the most valuable company in the world of Apple.

IPhone seems to have lost its magic now.

In a strange Apple move, CEO Tim Cook warned investors a lesser letter on Wednesday as they expect sales by quarter-on-quarter sales. Cook said the deficits are mostly lowered from China, which slows down the economy and the United States's ongoing trade war. but Analysts quickly stated Apple's iPhone problem is more than in China.

Gene Munster, an associate and analyst at Loup Ventures, said "A third of the problem" comes from Apple's decision to increase the price of its entire iPhone, With many models that exceed the price of $ 1,000. This measure is the number of people looking for new "cushions" for new iPhones, he said.

In his letter, Cook did not specifically mention the rise in prices, but also acknowledged that other sales-related factors iPhone is not included in China, including the decision to offer a cheaper compatibility with the operator and the company's decision in the water.

To make things worse, Analysts at Goldman Sachs wrote in a statement to investors that "more sensitive" Apple has been facing current macroeconomic trends a few years ago "Because it's close to the iPhone". The analysts predicted that Apple's "big drawback" of sales figures was announced.

For investors, the news started to wake up. Apple shares have fallen by 9% down on the market value of the company, which affects Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet.

"In the modern era of IPhon, today, it was the darkest day of Apple, and indicates a short period of company growth, "wrote Daniel Ives, a consultant at Wedbush, in an investor note.

The cookie letter is a reminder of the company's new normality: If you want to believe in Apple, it's no longer caused by iPhone sales, but anyway.

Even before the last announcement, there were concerns. IPhone parts vendors cut sales of last year's sales. Apple also surprised investors to announce that November announced the number of iPhones sold, revealing iPhone 4 or less that sell the iPhone after the quarter.

During the long decade of IPhone sales growth, Apple pays the customer for each device they buy, starting at $ 1,000 X iPhone in 2017 and the new XS and XS Max iPhone last year, which can cost up to $ 1,449.

At the same time, Apple has reported the success of additional services offered to iPhone and other devices, iCloud, Apple Pay, Apple Music and the App Store. The revenue generated from this service category reached almost 10,000 million dollars during the three months ended September, a clear figure of 17% and the same period last year.

However, Apple continues to be the main source of revenue for Apple, almost 60% of Apple's sales almost in the quarter of September. Apple has not yet found other revolutionary and magical products to fulfill this function.

"The IPhone is too big if the product line does not work well," Chris Caso, a analyst at Raymond James, wrote on a note to investors this Thursday.

"If the current iPhones are not sold now, if they are only small next-generation updates, you should ask what will happen," added the expert.

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