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Aquaman already has first reactions from the critics – Tomatazos

Aquaman's adventures are being eagerly awaited by a large number of fans. This time an internal fire tells us that the next release of DC will not be as aberrant as some others; We have already been warned by some fans in previous days that the new production based on the character of Arthur Curry would arrive to convince and consolidate as a successful project. Apparently the specialized critic agrees with the foregoing.

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The first test projections of Aquaman far from being disappointing they managed to win the respect of amateur spectators, who did not hesitate to express their sympathy towards the movie on social networks.

The truth is that from the irrational League of Justice – 41% Aquaman's character already attracted our attention; The ferocity of the ocean monarch coupled with the natural charms of Jason Momoa made it an easy target for the arrival of new fans.

A few months ago, an impressive widescreen trailer was released, which proved to be the ultimate magnet to secure a few good millions to the movie starring the actor who gave life to the wild Khal Drogo in the first season of Game of Thrones – 98%. Since then the spirits have only been rising.

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It is curious to mention that the solo adventures of the DC characters seem to be more successful than the crossovers themselves (as opposed to what happens to Marvel). Films like Suicide Swarm – 25% or Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice – 27% mainly succeeded in awakening the repudiation of the followers and getting the bad opinion of critics; They are not questioned at their box office performance but the products themselves leave much to be desired.

The clearest example is what happened with Wonder Woman – 92%, released in 2017, starring Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins. This tape had great acceptance on the part of the public and managed to position itself as one of the most successful for the DC house, not for nothing its sequel is under way and will be released during the summer of 2020.

Aquaman will introduce us to the adventures of Arthur Curry, a man who discovers his half human nature and half aquatic; This revelation will force him to balance his two essences in order to safeguard the kingdom of his ancestry, Atlantis. The film is directed by James Wan, whom we already know about productions such as El Conjuro – 86%, The Night of the Demon – 66% and Saw: The Macabro Game – 48%; will have the participation of the already mentioned Jason Momoa; Amber Heard as Meera; Nicole Kidman like Atlanna; Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko; and the already protected one of Wan, Patrick Wilson like the Master of the Ocean.

Aquaman will arrive at theaters next December 14, and after his premiere week he must compete at the box office against The Return of Mary Poppins and Bumblebee. However, it seems that Aquaman will not only be the king of Atlantis, probably also will be at the box office during those dates. Let's wait a few weeks to know the truth that the movie prepares us.

Below we present the most outstanding reactions.

#Aquaman was an absolute wonder, from the charm of Arthur Curry of Momoa, to the spectacular visual effects, to the fun that was clear they all had. It was exactly what I expected and I can not wait to see her again! I will give more details when allowed!

#Aquaman is great. James Wan made a truly unique superhero movie, which often goes into epic fantasy territory, but rooted in the family and discovery.

The world is visually awesome. Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry is a complete bad-ass. Outstanding Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Patrick Wilson!

#Aquaman is AWESOME and completely fulfills! Jason Momoa is not only the King of Atlantis, but also the recently crowned King of DCEU! I can not wait to see him again!

I have seen Aquaman by James Wan and it's a spectacular adventure. #JasonMamoa and # AmberHeard are fantastic together, both bring a lot of humor. This is good! It also turns out to be glorious in sight!

There were times when I felt that #Aquaman might be going too long, but it still has a lot to unpack in the construction of his own isolated world. The great, epic, unique and stylized action sequences balance the heavy exposure. The movie has not yet come out but I want more from Wan, Momoa, and company.

I saw #Aquaman before Thanksgiving and I had a week to think about it. It's flawed but fun. Momoa and Patrick Wilson are absolute gems. More than anything, the movie is just crazy. I can not believe how big, creative, and crazy it becomes. I have to see her again!

#Aquaman is better than I expected. It feels like a movie of phase one of [el Universo Cinematográfico de] Marvel, in a good way. It's better when it's fun and you do not take yourself too seriously. Black Manta is a great villain who fanatics of comics will adore. Some shots are really spectacular and have good action.

Aquaman is a great, fun and wild adventure. It is blatantly melodramatic and exaggerated with the biggest and ambitious scale sense that one can imagine. Some parts are a bit bad, but they are not the majority and, curiously, they still fit in with the caricature tone. 2nd best DCU movie. YEEEAAHH!

They will criticize me for this, but #Aquaman is the best movie Marvel that DC has done. That does not mean that it is exactly like that formula, but it feels like a movie that knows what you are selling and who is selling it. There is no identity crisis here.

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