Monday , January 25 2021

Argentinian tourism has died on the women's beach in La Serena

On Wednesday afternoon, it was recorded on the coast of La Serena.

The death of a childhood tourist happened with the initiatives of the M.A.P.M. of 49 years in the surrounding areas of Cuatro Esquinas, specifically in the La Marina sector.

The first background was that it was a dive product, however, heart complications are not excluded, skills will be determined.

According to the information obtained by the newspaper El Día, the man was bathed with his son, they began to get into the sea at the time, so bath was not to bathe.

The person in charge of the dealer assisted the baths with the help of the local helpers to save two people. Two survivors arrived on the coast, but they took him to the Cardinal Caro's SAPU father, despite the efforts to revive him, he died.

"The incident occurred in a non-bathroom sector," said Cap de Puerto de Coquimbo, Edgardo Palma.

The captain of Puerto de Coquimbo, Edgardo Palma, confirmed that information, Diario El Día, as a place to bathe.

"Sadly, a 49-year-old Argentinean citizen died when he was transferred to healthcare, he lost his life in the women's sector, after saving his life, they were saved by two people. Problems that were being bathed in the sector survived by the sea, but sadly one of them was dead It was a place where there is no bath, so the recommendation is ", said the navy authority.

He was 49 years old with dead men.

In the end, it will be a permanent study that will officially determine the cause of the death of Argentine citizens, that is to say, immersion, that could be the first victim of the summer season in the region, which should be confirmed by the Legal Service Legal Service. 5801


Currently, at the edge of the concurrent coastline, there are certain sectors that are convinced, that is, owners of commercial premises installed on the beach, must guarantee the safety of bathtubs in the perimeter of their enclosure, so that regulations have private sources.

They are also towers with municipal preservatives, which are located in non-women's sectors, which support other areas, but in such cases, they also work professionally.

In this case, the event took place within the concession sector, because the relief provided support for the procedure, but it was necessary to be a municipal relief personnel.

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