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Arica-Punta Arenas Fireworks: You can enjoy this new year by national

Coming soon New Year's Night There are several cities that are available to citizens and visitors throughout the country and throughout the country. pyrotechnic shows 2019 to receive it.

The municipalities, previously approved by their municipal councils, have the necessary resources fireworks strategic points in each city.

Likewise, some councils will have it mitigation measures to reduce the impact of artificial fire noise in pets, especially in dogs.

In most cases, the pyrotechnic shows will begin at 00:00 and will have a duration of 10 and 23 minutes.

Check below the list Some of the main places where you can enjoy artificial fireworks:

Big North

In the city Arica celebrations in the coastal sector (city port and Chinchorro beach) and in the inner city San Miguel de Azapa. The two pyrotechnic shows will begin at 1:00 pm on January 1 and will last 15 minutes as the municipality has confirmed.

Kilometers south In the region of Tarapacá, Iquique It will be one of the cities that turn fire pyrotechnics into the night. In this area, the pyrotechnic show will be at the Cavancha Theme Park (Playa Cavancha), from 00:00 onwards, lasts 1 and 15 minutes.

In addition, tonight will be the performance of the famous national singer "Américo".

The Iquiqueko municipality has a novelty, it is a moderate measure to prevent pets from influencing this type of event. That's why a few minutes of New Year will be launched 3 noise bombs for the "preparation of animals" to perform the show.

In the region, common High Hospice They will also have pyrotechnics from January 1. The event will take place Los Condes parkea to the city and will last 16 minutes.

Parallel AntofagastaThe New Year's Pyrotechnics show lasts 15 minutes and will be held in Autoclub, Spa City, Cerro El Ancla, El Trocadero Spa and La Chimba, starting on January 1.

Two Atacama region, celebrations will be held Copiapó, a city with 5 official fireworks displaying material: San Pedro Sector, Cerro La Cruz, Palomar, Paipote and Cerro Capi.

This last point is the highest point in the city and does not have access, therefore, with the charge of the explosive support for a helicopter It manages the municipality.

All the shows of Copiapó will be released in parallel January 1, 00:01 a.m. It takes about 16 minutes.

North Boy

In the Coquimbo region, many people will enjoy shows: La Serena, Coquimbo and Vicuña are some of them.

in La Serena they will be two triggers. The first one is located at Avenida del Mar, 500 meters from the shore; Before the street Los Lúquumos and the street Los Nisperos, for a period of 20 minutes.

It will also be the starting point for the agricultural sector Algarrobito (in the immediate vicinity), it will last 10 minutes. Both shows begin on January 1.

Toilet Coquimbo The Guanaqueros, Tongoy, La Herradura, Tierras Blancas and Playa Changa will be launched on January 1st. Changa Beach's firefight will last for 20 minutes and only another 10 points.

in Vicuña The sky will be screened 25 minutes from the city of La Virgen and Rivadavia and Talcuna, from January 1.

In the Valparaíso region, classical

At this point New Year's sign They are fireworks that cover the Valparaíso region, and this year it will not be an exception, even though it is a threat to mobile workers.

This new year 18 will be the starting point for the sea, where fireworks will be launched from January 1: nine starters Valparaiso, eight Viña del Mar and three Concón.

As it is customary, there are several buildings on the coast of the region rent to enjoy balconies show. They are also dinners that offer seafaring hotels to see pyrotechnic shows.

As in Iquique, there will be no noise bombs in Valparaíso before the show, to reduce the impact of fireworks on pets.

Metropolitan Region

In the town of Santiago, Entel Tower The fireworks will begin on January 1, from 1:00 pm onwards on January 1st, and probably will be one of the capital's nerve centers.

Two Ñuñoa Pyrotechnics was launched National Stadium right midnight on New Year's Eve, specifically, with the Ekaingo Galtza, Campo de Deporte.

Toilet Farm will be responsible for finishing one year's party on Saturday, December 29th, Saturday, at 8:00 p.m. Brazil Park.

Renca and Quilicura The organizers will perform a concert at the Metropolitan area where they have named the biggest pyrotechnic show. The starting point will be Cerro Renca, at 00:00 hours, on January 1st, T13.

in Vitacura The pyrotechnic show will depart from 00:00 on January 1st Playground San José de María, Lo Barnechea, at the same time, fireworks start from the Chilenidad park.

hill Cerro Comaico and Lamp Starting to grow, they will also offer spectacle shows at 00:00.

In the south, in Rancagua, The pyrotechnic event will also begin at 00:00 in the Patricio Mekis Sports Company, in the Chilean Republic, with a duration of 15 minutes. Parallel to this, the Rancagua Community Park has similar characteristics.

in Talca Two pyrotechnics will be launched on January 1, at 00:00 hours. On the one hand, at the Balneario Río Claro, the music show and the Cornelio Baeza playground. Both will have an 18-minute duration.

In the Bío Bío region

In the In the Bío Bío region They will go to various villages that offer new events with fireworks: Los Angeles, San Pedro de la Paz, Talcahuano and Concepción.

in toilet angelina The Artificial Show will last for 19 minutes and will begin at 00:00 at Laguna Esmeralda.

In San Pedro de la Paz, Villa Labrena will be a canoe show with streets by José Zapiola, with Violeta Parra, from 00:00 onwards, on the 1st and 12th of January.

in Talcahuano The pyrotechnic activity will begin at 00:00 on January 1 and will take about 20 minutes. The place chosen by the municipality will be Plaza de la Fragata María Isabel Esplanade, in the Blanco Encalada neighborhood, in the port district.

in conception the show will be postponed – after the celebration of Independence – at 22:15 hours, on January 1st, to launch Laguna Redonda and Laguna Lo Galindo's pyrotechnics.

Recently Created Ñuble region, toilet Chillán It will offer a concert with the 18-minute Pyrotechnics show at Concepción, at 8:00 a.m., Tuesday, January 1st. The starting point is near 2 km 2 outlet for the North city.


in Araucanía The city of Pucón and Temuco will offer firearms for residents and residents of the surrounding area.

Those who decide to spend New Year's Eve Playa Grande de Pucón is there At the edge of Lake VillaricáThey will be able to enjoy a 20-minute pyrotechnic show from 00:00 pm, as determined by the municipality.

in Temuco it will be a celebration Cautín IslandFrom January 1 to 3 p.m., you can enjoy a pyrotechnics show that will be visible from other points of the city, as defined by the municipality.

Valdivia It will be the starting point for the coastal sector MillsThe duration of the pyrotechnic show will take about 10 minutes and will take place on January 1 at 00:00.

In the city Osorno It will be the starting point for the municipality Olympic village It is in the Pilau sector. The show starts at 00:00 and will last for about 23 minutes.

in Puerto Varas they will face two confrontations On Piedraplén dock and Pablo Fierro Museum, where fireworks will be launched tonight at New Year's Eve.

in Chiloé, in the municipality of Quemchi, the pyrotechnic show shades the southern sky midnight through the New Year School in front of Mil Pasajes, according to the municipality.

Finally, but at least, enter Punta Arenas The celebration of the new year will take place Coast of Magellan Strait, where those who start at 1:00 pm on January 1 will enjoy a pyrotechnics show south.

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