Tuesday , January 26 2021

Artificial Intelligence allows cancer treatment

Artificial Intelligence is giving birth to a new science and medicine boost. The framework is amazing worldwide. They are testing algorithms that detect the types of psychosis, cancer types and eye diseases, the prevention of heart disease and the emergency call operators.

Now, a team of scientists (NIH) and Global Good, a researcher at the National Institute of National Health Institute (NIH) and Global Good have developed a computer algorithm to identify the necessary changes to identify the digital images of a female cervix. This artificial intelligence (AI) approach, an automated visual assessment, allows the cancer to treat cancer, especially in low-resource settings.

For the development of the method, the researchers use the complete set of data to "trace" a "learning" algorithm to learn and learn.

It is worth mentioning the researchers of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), made up of Global Good, and the findings were published in the Cancer Institute National Journal.

"Our discoveries show that a profound learning algorithm can be used by images of routine cancer screening to predict the necessary changes to cancer," NCI Mark Schiffman and lead author of research. "" Because computerization of image analysis was better at prehuman cancer than human under the microscope rather than revising pap smear (perception), "he added.

Very useful tool

Automated visual inspection is very easy. Health workers can use a cell phone or similar camera device through cancer treatment. This training training can be done, which is one of the most suitable countries for healthcare resources, where one of the causes and causes of cancer and cancer is the cause.

In order to create the algorithm, the research team uses more than 60,000 cancers from the NCI photographs that are being investigated against Costa Rican cancer. More than 9,400 women participated in their studies, and the continuation lasted 18 years. The researchers achieved almost complete information. Cervical changes became pioneering cancers and were not. After digitalizing the photos, it is used to prepare this algorithm to treat veins that require treatment for those who do not express risk.

In general, The algorithm has improved better than standard projection tests to predict cases of cancer diagnosis During Costa Rica's research.

"When some algorithms are included, along with advances in vaccines against papillomavirus (HPV), new HPV detection technologies and improvements in treatment are possible," said Mauricio Vecchione, president of the Global Good President.

Cervical or Cervical Cancer (CCU) is caused by HPV. Worldwide, CCU women is the fourth most frequent cancer. There are around 530,000 new cases a year. Although it does not cause symptoms at the beginning, later it may be pain and other signs, such as bleeding, reports from the World Health Organization (WHO).

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