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Artificial Intelligence Finding Cervical Cancer

According to the research, computer algorithms can detect preoperative injuries rather than trained experts.© Artificial intelligence for cervical cancer
According to the research, computer algorithms can detect preoperative injuries rather than trained experts.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is prepared to eliminate cervical cancer, according to research known on Thursdays, to detect laser lesions that are better suited to computer algorithms than selected experts or conventional surgical trials.According to the World Health Organization, severe cancer is the fourth most frequent cancer in women and 570,000 worldwide in 2018.In recent years, major advances in detection and vaccines have been made to prevent the spread of the human papillomavirus, which affects most types of cancer. However, these findings have been especially beneficial for women in rich countries.

266,000 women killed trunpelous cancer worldwide in 2012, 90% of them in medium and medium-income countries, according to WHO."Cervical cancer today is a disease of poverty, which is scarce," said Mark Schiffman, chief researcher, director of the Cancer Institute National Cancer Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, who is looking for cancer cure. 35-year-old illness.

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"We are trying to find very cheap, very simple but very accurate ways, with a vaccine that attacks a cancer of the cervical cancer and a bit of a later technique based on a mobile phone," he said.

It was a group that built a Schiffman algorithm 60,000 images collected in Costa Rica.Images were taken only by using a speck, a small light and a camera, without the need for advanced images.The study began in the 1990's and more than 9,400 women participated for 18 consecutive years.AI technique, an automated visual assessment, found a precocious cell at 91% accurately, according to a report published in the National Cancer Institute.

Compared to this, a review by a medical specialist found that 69% of precocious cancer was found and 71% of conventional laboratory tests, such as Papanicolaou, found 71%.Among women between the ages of 25 and 49, those with the highest risk of cancer-related cancer, the AI ​​algorithms were even more accurate, finding 97.7% of precipitated cells."Having seen the same images worked better than humans, it certainly was much better than me," said Schiffman.The goal is to establish a technology in the next three or five years, enrollment in patients with clinical trials around the world, and finally, easily get them everywhere.

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