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Arturo "lung talent" Vidal and Alexis Sanchez were at the end of 2018


Alexis Sanchez Failed to get worse news 2018 close a black. Training this Thursday, he went out in Chile muscle injury and Mourinho asserted he could only appear until 2019.

Wonder comes with the worst times and surely wants to forget about a year. Since he moved to Manchester United from the beginning of 2018, everything went down to Chilena and the clearness of Arsenal's lights was far away at that level, which means Red Devils has made a huge investment. , to do that Premier League paid.

Thus, Medium-sized English critics have grown and do not seem far from reality In 2018 he was very poor. In the Premier League in the 2017/18 season and 2018/19, Alexis has played 22 games and has three goals. The Champions League, on the other hand, played the final eighth of last season, and avoided the playoffs in Seville, and has now seen two of the five games that have played in the group stage. , even though the goals are not added.

Alexis ends in 2018 in the worst form / image: Getty Images Alexis ends in 2018 in the worst form / image: Getty Images

Even her It was a good preseason and Mourinho was excited over what Maravilla showed in the new season, it did not happen and Alexis He closed one of the worst worst years of care.

Vidal praises and strengthens

Alexis Sánchez, the same actress, was Arturo Vidal this year. Throughout the year, the Chilean has surprised Bayern Munich in Barcelona. It was knowing The titular position is difficult, and even if a knee injury occurred, King made the jump in Spain to change the air and look for one of the goals he still has in football: being a Champions League champion.

And what is planned, the midfielder During the season he started as a catalyst substitute and they are only playing in the last minutes. That situation He worked with him and released it on his social networksThey did not like culéan, which made it a challenge to change their attitude. Since then, since taking his delegation, things have improved in Chile.

Combined with the injuries experienced by your competitors in the middle of the field, Arturo Vidal is the star of the show and on the last Wednesday PSV started against PSV at the fifth round of the Champions League. He earned his trust and also made a meeting The praise of the Spanish press as already foreseen and as part of the starting line-up.

Vidal got up in Barcelona / Getty Images Vidal got up in Barcelona / Getty Images

"Vidal is one of three players that won the starting position. He finished an entire Dutch game. In the midst of the field, Vidal has been the best of three and, undoubtedly, his most outstanding performance for Barca. He ran for each band and was missing 94 minutes. He was much more accurate than he was before, and he was confident of the coaches, he has returned. When seeing that Rakitic gets an injury, It may be a long time to oxygenate the middle area with the purchase of virtues, "said Mundo Deportivo.

The king is already gaining a crown in Spain …

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