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Arturo Vidal makes an incredible donation for Teletracks at the auction and helps them make calls. Telethon 2018 – 24 hours


Arturo Vidal makes an incredible donation for teleworking at the auction and calls it

They called on the footballer to go to the followers to donate. "We have very little money," he said.

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Arturo Vidal He was surprised by Telethon's followers and TV series Announce a special donation Over 19,000 million pesetas left just yesterday before reaching the finish line.

So he wanted to make a new contribution to the national footballer who announced his Instagram account.

He admitted that "King Arthur" On Saturday, he will be giving a T-shirt to the entire Barcelona team with the help of the auction and the covenant of solidarity.

"We have very little money in the subsidy and I want to help with something else: the shirt I have used in the Barcelona PSV I have been playing, This shirt has been signed by the entire team. Come to Chileans, wake up and bank! "He continued to invite all football players to help.

The T-shirt is already available on the Teletón auction platform, so far the price is $ 2,475,000.

Vidal gives cause for the second reason.


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