Tuesday , January 25 2022

Arturo Vidal suffers from Italian justice


On Tuesday afternoon, the ruling of the Court of Turin was announced, condemning "the King" to pay a million debt of Juventus during his time.

Arturo Vidal continues to move from Italy. On Tuesday, the judgment of the Court of Turin was announced, with the "King" sent to him, due to the old debt he had registered with the steering wheel through Juventus. It will occupy four houses owned by the capital of Piedmont.

According to Mark's newspaper, Vidal took a $ debt$ 19.507 with Turin travel agency, the city where The Chilean midfielder lived between 2011 and 2015. In Bayern Munich, he already received the first notification and did not rule out it.

That's why it's the last debt $ 21,158, added to the cost of the process, is US $ 14 thousand in the US dollar. What it means to lose the properties of San Joaquín to the four properties of the Italian city.

Vidal has been announced for the last time last December 24thWhen he was in Barcelona, ​​he apparently did not pay attention.

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