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ATLAS does not convince the user and bombard negative critiques

ATLAS, the MMO From parents' parents ARK: Survival EvolvedIt was presented in style Game Awards, with wonderful pirates, dragon and glass water and more than 40,000 players per server. However, after a delay that began to enter early, it was soon raining critics. The graphic aspect did not do much or nothing, but it was bought by the users and the comments made by the players, that is, Steam should face this magnitude that has extended its return time and refunds.

It does not work at all

So many Grapeshot Games as Instinct Games, they know that their video game development is in an early phase, and they're still better. However, even if they keep and keep up-to-date, there is still a lot of work. Today, the title has mostly negative opinions. A great deal of users ATLAS they complain Connection problems and server stability, as well as graphic and technical errors that start playing a game again and again.

Even if it were to get a better connection, the mechanics would be a real chaos. According to a user, survival, a key element in the open world role in this game, is not balanced. "One born in an island, not having a single tree, created by one and the same … it is very poorly optimized over the game. ARK"it came out". Optimized discussion (even worse than that ARK), a very difficult collection (no resources respawnean) and many bugs", add another one".Great lobby simulatorIn fact, I think I paid 20 years ARK and look, not so bad, like DLC is like playing ARK but it changes it skin A couple of things and mechanics. I recommend you to buy a 10-hour menu that you can play a bit"He added another with great irony.

People are unpleasant about the game and Steam's requests and requests to return will be massive

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in reddit, users have arranged organizations to request refunds and to highlight serious gambling errors. It's Steam return policy Very marked, which we have not played more than two dollars, we can ask for money ATLAS Exceptions will be made. For this reason, they explain in the same forum that you need to be a little bit and try the customer and not the automated response. Depending on the participation of Reddit thread, the requests will be massive.

Pirate adventure ATLAS

in atlas players can go looking for buried treasures, besieging and conquering forces. Stolen traders are stolen and we can hire our crew. Goal? Reach "fortune and glory". The game can be the first and third person. Let's go partner with other users To navigate the "wide ocean" and discover new lands. Exotic situations, kill thieves, fight against powerful gods and build our cities.

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