Sunday , May 16 2021

Attach your belts: Introduce the economic alternative of the Supersonic aircraft

The Boom Supersonic launches an investment of $ 100m in recent days. It would speed up the emergence of an aircraft that intends to reach about two thousand kilometers of speed.

Overture is the project Boom Supersonico, which plans to create an airplane for 55 passengers The New York-London route would be 3.5 hours. The prototype is closer and closer. A few days ago the company received a $ 100 million investment.

"This new fund allows Overture, the first economically viable Supersonic aircraft," said Blomm Supersonic President, founder and CEO Blake Scoll.

Currently, XB-1 is already mounting. The scalable version of these aircraft will be available in March and will begin this year's test. The purchase of this new technology for future customers is Virgin Group and Japan Airlines. He has previously ordered two orders for the 30 Opening models. That would be marketed until 2023.

What are the benefits of the supersonic aircraft?

"Bloom is interested in creating better human connections and emphasizing a natural and cultural experience through an ecological design," said the company's statement.

Thus, The machine respects the environment. Since aerodynamics and motorbikes have achieved the carbon footprint, it is now similar to that achieved by business class airplanes.

On the other hand, Scolle assures that the supersonic nuclear power they are developing is "ensuring the removal of barriers that help us to travel the world". Nowadays, traveling time and cost in long-distance trips is not approaching people and reaching distant places.

These features of Overture were not superseded in the first Supersonian version in 1969. Concorde, the French aircraft engine Aerospatiale built the plane and British Aircraft Corporation tried to revolutionize its English counterweight in the world. However, the high costs of manufacturing, the emissions of ozone layer, caused a high level of air pollution and noise caused by noise.

Bloom committed to solve all the problems of Concord and would leave it in 2003.

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Initially, Opening business is the starting point of the business class today. However, future value should be accessible.

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