Sunday , February 5 2023

AUDIO | "Floating floor penguins, good perfumes and expensive creams": Patricia Maldonado, Madrid from Vallejo and Cariola on the radio


In the Radio Farming Unlimited program, Patricia Maldonado She talked about her homage Camila Vallejo and Karol Cariola Camilo Catrillanca, where the Mapuche flag spread over the red carpet.

At the start of the interview, he consulted Raquel Argandoña with the Mega panelist, who said that he was certain. I've "seen a bit" "I like Kike Morandé's humor and I like to see it".

"Did you know who he was and with such a Gladys Marin fireplace? Karol Cariola and Camila Vallejo. The million dollar question is: They are two deputies, and they can not show the show that this is the worst in the world, they are deputies and smart, they are on a different level, nothing, "he began, and Argandoña asked:" What did you do that? "I ask the question, and they went through the red carpet!"

To surprise his partner's work, Maldonado continued: "First of all, they have problems in the south, so my question is: What monkeys were painted? Why did you invite you to an artist? Double standard If you are upset about something, how will I do this in this world? They did not fish or fell. It was a pity. I mean, I hate it, but I'll do it the same. I can answer to show the flag and aim to show the shirts when they want to do it on the street. Also, if you published in the titles, they did not even catch …! ".

"I'm telling you what I'm forgiving, I feel Gladys Marin, it's true, it was not a lie. Gladys Marin was not moving on the floor, If all of these penguins move on the floor, nothing more. Perfumes, iPads, expensive creams and neighborhood hair salons, because they will not go to La Pintana to paint themselves. They go to Cachagua or go to Miami first. Cartagenara, Raquel! Cartagena is broken! They did not go, "he said without a filter.

From now on, Patrick said "This double standard, people will begin to understand that we sell jackets … Do not tell me, for a long time, the cuchufleta. "

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