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Avoid debate on Karen Paola's exit

Last Tuesday, Karen Paola He had the last look "Good morning" TVN, after crossing the words Ignacio GutiérrezThe Prime Minister's Ministry rejected the program.

According to the LUN, everything started on the day after the morning's broadcast. At that meeting, the panel exchanged views of "On that morning" drivers..

Michael Roldán of "Intruders" assured the newspaper Karen Bejarano Gutiérrezi told her not to tell herself, first "S. Q.P." I would answer that He was very vigorous and powerful, which caused the anger of the panelist.

Although Bejaran did not have a formal resignation (contract until December), his colleagues talked about his departure. "You're sorry because resignation is a nice person"said Chiqui Aguayo, while Gino Costa said: "I'm sorry because I'm very fond of it".

TVN said the situations should be officially defined for comments.

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