Monday , October 18 2021

Backpack Kid bore Fortnite and 2K sued for dance


They probably do not know the name "Floss" dance, and maybe it's not their "author", Backpack Kid, but if we show them, they probably see somewhere:


Adds to the demands added by the player Carlton Príncipe de Rap, this boy, through his mother, binds the court against Fortnite, according to TMZ.

Why? Well, to use your dance, of course. Although this patent is "a process", we do not believe that it arrives, but there are no scams, they said.

Moreover, the creators of well-known basketball games in the world of consoles do not see anything, because they do not play at all.

In celebration of 15 minutes and at the time of the disappearance, actions will start capitalizing on your "talent", as it is not enough to walk with Katy Perry, and occasionally doing the same dance in seconds.

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