Tuesday , January 19 2021

Baleo in Renca: investigating murder in public streets

Workers Homophobia Brigade (BH) PDI crime is being investigated woman About 30 years bullet on his chestWhile I was among men. All this beside the street José Manuel Balmaceda, Renca-n.

Baleo in Renca

According to previous data, the victim approached a mobile vehicle. A man pulled a gun at least twice firing.

Unfortunately, one of the projects hit the chest. As a result, the woman died.

The crime occurred in Renca at the height of 5087 José Manuel Balmaceda street, from 4:30 p.m. M. At that moment the woman was talking to a man, of whom more information was unknown.

There, according to the witnesses, a vehicle gray station wagon They approached these two people. Later, one of his neighbors pulled a weapon, shooting twice.

The case happened Public Ministry, where a couple discusses a possible debate where man will throw a stone on the woman, who was not in his body, paralyzed a parked car, to break one of the mobile glasses.

Then the owner left behind his vehicle and took the coat to shoot the pair, 30 year old woman dead.

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