Wednesday , January 20 2021

BancoEstadio has removed one of the uploaded Tariffs

In the framework of the resolution of the 267th Chamber of the Deputies delete the collections in the balance query, cardboard and preliminary drafts, BancoEstado reveals that it is operating in 2018 RUT account it creates a deficit Over 10,000 million dollars.

In order to avoid many people, the bank was expelled in October 2018 Charging for $ 100 repo question In all its ATMs, mailboxes and dispensers, Alejandro Latoja, Head of Hearing and Corporate Affairs, BioBioChile.

However, according to the deputy of Nicolás Noman (UDI) It is difficult to repeat this measure in other cases, ATMs have a $ 300 discount on cash dispensers, if they charge 50 million pesetas in the state if they charge a charge.

More details: The deputies intend to end the additional charges of the RUT account

Legislators are evaluating new ways to improve account access, moving forward with its features and using the CuentaRUT Visa debit card.

Regarding the resolution, December 141 votes were approved by the deputies in December, that is Whether the executive must decide whether or not to apply to the State decrease in their rates.

The official details indicate that 11 million people are in Chile's CuentaRUT. Among these, a card between 33.5 and 4 million is used.

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