Sunday , January 17 2021

Banks will reduce the costs of Rut Account at Bank ATMs

A Bank State lawyer pilot plan began in December in five branches to establish the rates of use of the Rut account.

La Third informs that Jonás Preller, the bank's Communications and Sustainability Manager, explained that it is an alternative rate plan for customers of this account. Use of the Bank's own channels, such as ATM and Caja Vecina.

Specifically, the ATM Bank State or Caja Vecina money transfer cost It will drop from $ 300 to $ 200, the same operation in another bank ATM It will rise from $ 300 to $ 480.

In addition, the balance consultation, ATM and self-service of the State Bank it will not cost more (For now, you have to pay $ 100 for each query).

The process will open in all regions throughout the country over the next few months, and chips will be incorporated into customers' cards for national and international purchases.

In December, the Chamber of Deputies approved a total of 141 votes and 4 abstentions, requesting the Central Bank to request the balance of the money order, money order and card replacement requested by the Ministry of Finance. Ruth accounts.

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