Monday , October 18 2021

Barcelona made its first reinforcement: "Almost done the rage" – International Football Championship


© AFP Barcelona prepared its first reinforcement:

The Spanish sports press guarantees that Blaugrana team will be announced on the PSG wheel. TVN


It would only take a few days Barcelona European football announces the first winter market. So, at least, Mundo Deportivo said Wednesday he said: "Almost done rage".

A 23-year-old midfielder plays Paris Saint-Germain He has upgraded the French box so he would be a free player In Barcelona


"Adrien Rabiot Barca is approaching the leaps and bounds, "said the Spanish media," this plan will not come in the winter market, despite the priority being in the middle of June. "

In this way, Arturo Vidal would compete with more property in Barcelona, ​​such as Real Madrid, Arthur and Ivan Rakitic and Sergio Busquets.


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