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Bariatric surgery, decision to send the decision to diabetes


Mexico City. Therapeutic surgery is not an aesthetic procedure, it was the goal of more than 40 years ago and is now an option for treating obesity. In diabetic disease, overweight, results may experience more years.

"Evolution of the disease in patients with diabetes less than five years of age, moderate obesity and rarely oral medication can result in the forgiveness of 85 to 90% of bariatric surgery cases," said Samuel Ordóñez Ortega, Assistant Obesity and Metabolic Disease Surgery in Mexico.

The bariatric doctor clarifies that remission is not healing diabetes. "After taking part in referrals, I spend a year in a patient that does not have blood glucose control medication, which is why you need your commitment and multidisciplinary approach, including special diet and specific care, but it is achieved in nine cases."

Bariatric or metabolic surgery includes two surgical techniques. One of them is a gastric sleeve that reduces the capacity of 500-600 milliliters of stomach in its normal state, one hundred. The body takes a tubular shape that reduces 80% of gastric capacity.

Another gastric procedure is where stomach fat is reduced using staples and is associated with a small intestine through a bridge, which prevents food from gastric zone. Over the past 20 years, it has been the technique with the best results in the world, according to Ordoñez Ortega.

"Bariatric surgery achieves blood glucose levels, which means that sugar is steady to prevent the need for drugs and the diabetic patient is more than 15 years of age," said a specialist in the Metabolic and Palliative Surgery Clinic.

Therapeutic surgery has been suggested in patients with a body mass index of less than 35 years (IME), the purpose of which is the diabetes virus. The index is the value that divides the weight of the kilogram, between square meters in height, to obtain Kg / m2.

When BMI is talking about common parameters between 18-25 years, a person over 25 to 30 years of age is overweight, 30 and 34.9 obesity grade 1, 35 and 39.9 degrees, 2 and over are 40 types. 3

In the end, Dr. Ordóñez Ortega warns of the risk of putting the surgeon's technique at hand. In Mexico, there is no official record of the number of metabolic interventions every year, but more than 10,000 surgeries are considered without official protection.

"There are only 140 different types of surgeons with about 120 million people, and seven out of ten have excess weight or obesity. There is little information about the variety of surgery that exists with the circulation of obesity and diabetes, but the intervention is a tool for the patient and teaches the best results. we say ".

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