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Battle for the Grid is a new trailer and gameplay

The Power Rangers series has been one of the most popular series in its series for over 25 years, as well as all types of video games Power Rangers: Battle for the GridIt was announced a day ago and the fight we have seen is a title A couple of new videos.

We can see the two trajectories and the game in the bottom Power Rangers of different generations punches, kicks, weapons and special types of punches created using special abilities. At the same time, the battles will be trusted Three against three.

Although distributed in two videos by Power Rangers, staff will also be expected to participate. Some of the most popular villains. Its creators, nWay, are trying simplified control system Everything can be encouraged by anyone, even more experience with more in-depth controls.

They will play the game cross-play function Therefore, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC users can play together, in the same way as they keep track of the game's stated systems. However, sales are also planned in PS4, but in this case this version does not feature any of these.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid It will arrive in April For different consoles, those who wait for the computer should put it a bit longer until it's released. Will publish it standard edition € 19.99 and another The collection edition is 39.99 euros It will be a seasonal passage that will include three new characters, respectively, and a story pack.

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