Wednesday , October 20 2021

Battle Royale is free


Define human studies, the makers Nyne Islands: Battle RoyaleThey have decided to close the doors and have decided to make the title free so they want to keep the players in the battlefield.

The reasons for the cessation and the implications that have led to it have been clearly stated in its official statement: the analysis can not keep the costs of four-year development work, the backbone of certain group funding campaigns and the reduction in the price applied.

Define human studies He has provided information on Valve, all those who have bought or bought at the store, from November 29 to December 19, according to which the store shop has been deactivated and if the game is over, receive your refund regardless of the hours you take.

The servers will be open to notice and from there Define human studies They are looking for solutions so that players can use their servers and the game is still alive without the intervention of the studio, even if official servers end the time.

On the other hand, it will receive the latest update of the game, adding a credit screen to the main menu, thanking all those who helped create Nyne Islands. And as for the developers, the official statement makes it clear that most of them have other jobs and the rest are working on contracting other studies.

If you want to play it Nyne Islands: Battle RoyaleYou have free Steam.

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